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      信息來源:網群國際   點擊次數:


      Israel Venture Association

      投資協會地址:Eliahu House 12th Floor 2 Ibn Gvirol St

      投資協會電話:Aviv 6***

      投資協會電話:00 972 3696 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 972 3695 ***



      Association Italiana Inv Istit Cap Risco (AIFI)

      投資協會地址:Via C.O. Comaggia 10 1-20123 Milan

      投資協會電話:00 39 2 721.0***

      投資協會傳真:00 39 2. 805.5***





      Korean Venture Capital Association

      投資協會地址:Room 1201 Ssangma Building 24-5 Yoido-dong, Yongdupo Seoul 150***

      投資協會電話:00 82 2 785 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 82 2 785 ***



      Nederlan. Verenig. Van Part. Mijen (NVP)

      投資協會地址:Bezuidenhoutseweg 12 Postbus 93002 2509 AA Den Haag

      投資協會電話:00 31 70 349 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 31 70 349 ***





      Norwegian Venture Capital Associat (NVCA)

      投資協會地址:co Stradec Bygdoey Alle 5 N-0257 Oslo

      投資協會電話:00 47 22 55 5***

      投資協會傳真:00 47 22 55 5***



      Philippine Venture Capital Investment Group

      投資協會地址:GF Torre de Salcedo Building 184 Salcedo St, Legaspi Village 1229 Makati City, Philippines

      投資協會電話:00 63 2 818 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 63 2 817 ***





      Poland Equity Investors Association Assoc.

      投資協會地址:co Enterprise Investors Al. Jana Pawla II 25 00-854 Warsaw

      投資協會電話:00 48 22 653 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 48 22 653 ***





      Portuguesa de Capital de Risco (APCRI)

      投資協會地址:Avenida Casal Ribeiro 18 - 2 1050 Lisbon

      投資協會電話:00 351 1 355 71***

      投資協會傳真:00 351 1 357 99***



      Russian Venture Capital Association

      投資協會地址:PO Box 33 St Petersuburg 194156 Russia

      投資協會電話:00 7 812 326 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 7 812 326 ***





      Singapore Venture Capital Association

      投資協會地址:331 North Bridge Road # 05-0406 Odeon Towers Singapore 18***

      投資協會電話:00 65 339 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 65 339 ***



      Slovak Venture Capital Association (SLOVCA)

      投資協會地址:co Slovak American Enterprise Fund PO Box 100 Obchodna 58 810 00 Bratislava

      投資協會電話:00 421 752 731***

      投資協會傳真:00 421 752 731***





      Slovenian Venture Capital Association (SLEVCA)

      投資協會地址:co Small Business Development Centre Steifanova 5 1000 Ljubljana

      投資協會電話:00 386 61 21 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 386 61 21 ***



      Business Partners Ltd

      投資協會地址:PO Box 7780 Johannesburg 2000 South Africa

      投資協會電話:00 27 11 480 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 27 11 642 ***



      Asoc. Espanola de Capital Riesgo Inversion (ASCRI)

      投資協會地址:co Josefa Valcarcel 8-3 28027 Madrid

      投資協會電話:00 34 91 320 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 34 91 320 ***





      Svenska Risk Kapital Foreningen

      投資協會地址:PO Box 7774 S- 10396 Stockholm

      投資協會電話:00 46 820 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 46 824 ***




      Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association

      投資協會地址:Lowenstrasse 32 8001 Zurich

      投資協會電話:00 41 1 210 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 41 1 210 ***





      Taipei Venture Capital Association

      投資協會地址:10th Floor 115 Min Sheng E Road Section 3, Taipei Taiwan

      投資協會電話:00 886 2 719 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 886 2 719 ***



      Thailand Venture Capital Association

      投資協會地址:co Prudential Asset Management Asia Ltd Maneeya Centre Building 10th Floor, 51815 Ploenchit Road Bangkok

      投資協會電話:00 662 255 6***

      投資協會傳真:00 662 253 ***



      National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)

      投資協會地址:1655 North Fort Myer Drive Suite 850 Arlington Virginia

      投資協會電話:00 1 703 524 ***

      投資協會傳真:00 1 703 524 ***




      Springboard Enterprises


      投資協會地址:Offers programs which educate, showcase and support women entrepreneurs as they seek equity capital and grow their companies.

      August Capital investment company www.**gustcap.com


      Investment focuscompanies with strong potential to become leaders in important information technology markets

      3i investment company www.**.com


      Focusleading international venture capital company.

      Sequoia Capital - investment company www.**quoiacap.com


      Investment focusprimarily very early-stage West Coast technology companies; post beta-stage around Boston and Austin; later-stage nationwide

      Apax Partners investment company www.**ax.com


      Investment focusstart-ups to later-stage buyouts in a broad range of industries, most notably healthcare, information technology, telecommunications, specialty retailing and new medi***

      InterWest Partners investment company www.**terwest.com


      Investment focusfull range of stages in information technology, health care and non-technology ventures

      Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers investment company www.**cb.com


      Investment focusearly-stage ventures, and includes the KPCB Java Fund

      New Enterprise Associates investment company www.**a.com


      Investment focusprincipally early-stage companies in information technology, medical and life sciences

      Sevin Rosen Funds investment company www.**funds.com


      Investment focusearly-stage (and follow-on rounds)

      for information sciences and life sciences companies

      Mayfield Fund investment company www.**yfield.com


      Investment focusseed to second-round financing in companies with unique, information or healthcare technology-driven products and services that address well-defined needs in rapidly growing markets

      Axa Private Equity investment company www.**aprivateequity.com


      Portfolio management company focusing on all the aspects of capital investment and private equity.

      U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) investment company www.**vp.com


      Investment focusprincipally companies headquartered in the Western United States in three sectors of industrymedical, technology and retailconsumer

      Advent International investment company www.**ventinternational.com


      Investment focuscompanies at all stages of development, including early-stage, and in virtually any industry.

      Menlo Ventures investment company www.**nloventures.com


      Investment focusearly-stage and emerging growth companies in the areas of biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare services, computer software, hardware, networking, communications, and the Internet

      North Bridge Venture Partners investment company www.**vp.com


      Investment focusearly-stage companies in software, communications and health care

      Morgenthaler Ventures investment company www.**rgenthaler.com


      Investment focusearly-stage ventures and "middle market" management-led buyouts involving information technology, health care or industrial technology

      IDG Ventures investment company www.**gventures.com


      Investment focusinformation technology companies, preferring either seed or first-round financings, or very late (last before IPO)stage investments

      General Catalyst investment company www.**neralcatalyst.com


      Funds breakthrough ventures and backs exceptional entrepreneurs via capital, business building resources and strategic support.

      Greylock investment company www.**eylock.com


      Investment focusall stages of corporate development for companies in the software, communications, and healthcare industries

      Warburg Pincus Ventures investment company www.**rburgpincus.com


      Providing investments in information technology, healthcare, media, communications, energy, financial and business services.

      Technology Partners investment company www.**chnologypartners.com


      Focusseed or first stage ventures involving information processing, communications or health care

      TVM Techno Venture Management investment company www.**mvc.com


      Investment focusEuropean and U.S. communications technology, information technology and biotechnology

      Enterprise Partners investment company www.**vc.com


      Investment focusprivately held early-stage and emerging growth companies and selective leverage buy-outs of established companie***

      Flagship Ventures investment company www.**agshipventures.com


      Investment focuslife science, information technology, and communications sectors.

      Venrock Associates investment company www.**nrock.com


      Venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family with investment focusa high percentage of investments are seed or first round, and second round investments are considered where there is a complete management team and demonstrated progress toward market leadership

      Bain Capital investment company www.**incapital.com


      Focusventure and expansion capital for private companies and growth capital for public companies in a wide range of industries.

      Outlook Ventures investment company www.**tlookventures.com


      Investment focusearly-stage investments in consumer and business-to-business Internet services, intranet-based business applications, interactive tools, multimedia and telecommunicatio***

      Covalence investment company www.**valence.ch


      Focusassessment of the contribution of multinational enterprises to human development in emerging and developing countries.

      Institutional Venture Partners investment company www.**p.com


      Investment focusleading early-stage companies with advanced technology in information and life sciences, and selectively in later stage opportunities

      JP Morgan Partners investment company www.**asecapital.com


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