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      信息來源:網群國際   點擊次數:

      糧油食品 Sandal Soap Dear Sir, I want to buy Sandal Soap product you are selling. Please contact me! Co:POLYCELL CORPORATION Add:House #14, Road #14, Sector #6 Uttare, Dhaka-1230. Bangladesh Tel:880-2-895-1524 Fax:880-2-891-5305 Email:info**[ta]**ycellbd.com Website:www.polycellbd.com Mobile:880-1711-561-545聯系人:Mr. A.K.M.Obydur Rahman國家:Bangladesh info**[ta]**ycellbd.com

      糧油食品 Garments - T-Shirts, Hood Jackets, Sportswear, Jeans, etc Dear Sir, We are looking for manufacture, exporters, suppliers of kinds of garments in various styles, sizes, colors among which are: 100% cotton single jersey t-shirts, hood jackets, sports wear, jeans, jackets, shirt sleeve, trousers, coats, suits, sweater, tang tops, work wear-coverall, raincoats, vest, short, caps, blouses, pant, bags, rompers, skirts, denims, track suits, belts, shoes, jogging suits, bed sheets, towels, school uniform, active wear, military wear, outerwear, etc. Please contact directly for the exportation and importation of the above listed items. Best regards,while expecting to read from you soonest. Co:Effortex International Co. Ltd. Add:British Indian Ocean Territory Tel:44-267-4392370 Fax:44-267-4392370 Email:effortextradeco**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:Mr.D.Smart - CEO國家:United Kingdom effortextradeco**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 Physiotherapy &amp; Rehabilitation Equipment Dear Sir, Wanted Physiotherapy &amp; Rehabilitation Equipment like: Please find our needs in the attachment. Best regards. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE! Physiotherapy &amp; Rehabilitation Equipment.zip Co:PT Tetra Binakurnia Add:Indonesia Tel:+622168527063 Fax:+622148701049 Email:tetrabk91**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:abianus國家:Indonesia tetrabk91**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 Satellite Receivers Dear Sirs, We are one of the leading egyptian importing &amp; exporting and distributing companies, we are specialized in (DVB-S &amp;DVBS2 &amp; 2 Tuner &amp; HD receivers &amp; KU-Band LNBF Universal &amp; CATV). We have great interest in your products, we would like to import and distribute some of it in the market. Will you be kind enough to mail new website and the list of your products and its specifications and prices to us. We are looking forward to hear soon from you, we hope that this will be the beginning of a good business, relationship, with your esteemed firm, also. I will be waiting for your kind reply. Co:Alsobh Company Add:Elekhaa City For Police Officer 25#ppt, Cairo, Maadi, Egypt Tel:20-2-27008849 Fax:20-2-27008930 Email:al_sobh**[ta]**mail.com聯系人:Abdelmoaty Abdelhalim Sobh國家:Egypt al_sobh**[ta]**mail.com

      糧油食品 Teak Furniture Dear Sir, We are interested to buy Teak Furniture. Is your Company a producer of Teak furniture? What is the origin of your teak? I mean, where does your teak come from? Do you have designs of product from where I can choose from? Warm regards. Co:Soworthy Marketing Add:Philippines Tel:63-82-2262458 Fax:63-82-2264113 Email:soworthy**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:Roberto U. Ong國家:Philippines soworthy**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 Amino Acids Dear All, I'm a representative of Ukrainian organization of disabled children who has phenylketonuria. We are interesting in Amino Acids. I have a list of necessary aminoacids and I would like to get in touch with someone who can go in cooperative work with our company. We are looking forward your soon reply. Best Regards. Co:Ukrainian Organization Of Disabled Children Add:Ukraine Tel:+38 093 397 63 63 Email:ib04**[ta]**l.ru聯系人:anager國家:Ukraine ib04**[ta]**l.ru

      糧油食品 Engine Parts Dear Sirs, I am looking crank shaft 6MLADT, and 6LAHT. Please send me full contect info. Thanks. Co:PPS Power Trading Inc Add:7282 Collett Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Tel:1-416-6714433 Fax:1-905-6714432 Email:ppspower**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Abdul Qureshi國家:Canada ppspower**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 Engine Parts Dear Sirs, I am looking crank shaft 6MLADT, and 6LAHT. Please send me full contect info. Thanks. Co:PPS Power Trading Inc Add:7282 Collett Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Tel:1-416-6714433 Fax:1-905-6714432 Email:ppspower**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Abdul Qureshi國家:Canada ppspower**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 BBQ Grills Dear Sir, We are importing BBQ grills. Please send details and price. Co:S.P.A BBQ Cyprus Trading Ltd Add:21 A Thrakis Street, Aradippou, Cyprus Tel:357-99449793 Fax:357-24360665 Email:alexdesp**[ta]**anet.com.cy聯系人:lex國家:Cyprus alexdesp**[ta]**anet.com.cy

      糧油食品 Fresh Snow Peas Dear Sir, Pls see our inquiry attached. Regards. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE! Fresh Snow Peas.doc Co:Societe Bouabid de Commerce International Add:Kalaa Sghira, Sousse, Tunisia Tel:00216 73249815 Fax:00216 73249815 Email:cbci2008**[ta]**mail.com Mobile:00216 94769006聯系人:asheed國家:Tunisia cbci2008**[ta]**mail.com

      糧油食品 Light Aromatic Solvents From China Dear Mr., Do find attached the specifications required for the light aromatic solvent and the quantity to read as 250,000 mtons per year. The product should be C&amp;F port Alexandria Egypt. Do quote us for the same. Waiting for your reply and confirmation for the same. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE! Light Aromatic Solvents From China.xls Co:Al Raya Holding Group Of Companies Add:kuwait Tel:+96560001421 Email:mushtaq**[ta]**ayaholding.com Mobile:+96560001421聯系人:Mushtak Ali Hassan - Export Sales Manager國家:Kuwait mushtaq**[ta]**ayaholding.com

      糧油食品 Steel Transmission Poles From China Dear Sir, We are looking for a legitimate supplier of steel transmission poles from China that supply us our requirements of steel poles. Please see attached herewith our specification for the steel transmission/distribution pole requirement of ours. Regarding on our requirement, I could not yet provide you a more or less exact figure since this will be our new product line to be introduce in Philippine market. Currently we have our own processing plant on treated wood pole and has an average disposal in terms of pcs of 7,000 per year. We are the market leader here in the Philippines with nationwide market coverage on treated wood poles. For 2011 we are planning to venture on steel distribution/transmission pole trading and we are looking into an initial projected requirement of 2,000-3,000 pcs of steel poles. Aside from that we are the sole distributor of DENGLI brand electric meters from China since 2006. For the meters we are importing more or less 30,000-40,000 pcs per year and has a market demand for around 60,000 pcs for 2011. By November, 2011 we are scheduled for plant inspection on our other products we imported from China and hopefully we can drop by some steel pole processing plant that can supply us in long term with a very competitive price and tip top quality. Thanks very much. Best regards. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE! Steel Transmission Poles From China.xls Co:Electricity Transmission Supplies Corporation Add:Philippines Tel:63-32-2614479 Fax:63-32-2610301 Email:serenojonathan**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:Jonathan A. Sereo國家:Philippines serenojonathan**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 Agricultural wheel rim Dear Sir/Madam: We are interested to purchase Agricultural Wheel Rims,if you are able to supply us with competetive price please feel free to contact with us for further information regards Co:Adrin Add:Second Floor. # 171 . Northern Sohrevardi.Tehran-Iran, tehran, Iran 1946963657 Tel:98-21-8876-8740 Fax:98-21-8850-6826 Email:mehdi.shaghaghi**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Mr. Mehdi Shaghaghi國家:Iran mehdi.shaghaghi**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 Motorcycle parts We are searching suplyers for Motorcycle parts [links, chains, sprockets] Brake shoe (Front and Hear), Brake Pad (Front), Cam Shaft(Quotations for Steel SAE 1030 e 1045 for all Sprocket and Chain) ,please contact if you supply. Co:Aroana Trading Add:Avenida Ipiranga, 103 Conjunto 71 - Republica CEP: 01046-010 - Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil Tel:55-1132552575 Fax:55 11 32552575 Email:aroana**[ta]**ana.com.br Website:http://www.aroana.com.br/聯系人:Mr.Gustavo Carneiro國家:Brazil aroana**[ta]**ana.com.br

      糧油食品 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Can you send me the price for 45 kw swimming pool heat pump or the capacity for our pool capacity of 130000 litres with temperature in the winter at night 9 degrees centigrade and evening 25 degrees centigrade. Co:Kk Agencies Tel:91-040-27903097 Email:kkagencies_2005**[ta]**iffmail.com聯系人:Mr.kiran kumar國家:India kkagencies_2005**[ta]**iffmail.com

      糧油食品 panel meters Hello, We are looking for a source for custom panel meters. Could you please forward us your catalog of meters so that we can see if you offer what we are in need of? Best regards Co:DOSS DEVELOPMENT CORP. Add:11 Walnut Springs Dr. Defiance, Missouri 63341 USA Tel:1 636.532.8383 Fax:1 636.532.8384 Email:info**[ta]**s.com Website:http://www.doss.com/聯系人:Mr.Dan Doss國家:United States info**[ta]**s.com

      糧油食品 H beam steel bar Dear Sir I would like you to quote the following please: 12 m H-beam 5.5 Gage CIF IRAQ , Basra port , quantity. Required is 5000T continuous deliveries , do me a favor and put your payment Term down please. Co:sea jewels co.LTD Tel:98-912-3195462 Fax:98-21-88248613 Email:sjbmtc**[ta]**.ae 聯系人:Mr.Saleh ALALI國家:Iran sjbmtc**[ta]**.ae

      糧油食品 DC permanent magnet motors Hello We require DC permanent magnet motors, ideally 12volts or 24volts 600-700 watts with chain sprocket drive or reduction gearbox to give around 6-700RPM at 8-10 Nm Torque Can you assist? Thank you regards Co:Niftylift Add:Fingle Drive,Stonebridge,Milton Keynes,MK13 0ER,England Tel:+44 (0)1908 223456 Fax:+44 (0)1908 312733 E-mail:sales**[ta]**tylift.com Website:www.niftylift.com聯系人:Mr.R Bowden國家:United Kingdom sales**[ta]**tylift.com

      糧油食品 Kraft Paper Bags We require a supplier of Brown Kraft Paper Bags 150gsm or heavier with a waxed or plastic finnish lining 285mm High, 62mm Deep, 90 Wide Block bottom side gusset Full colour labels applied to front face of bag on gloss paper with hot foil overlay Sample run 10k. Pricing on 50k, 100k , 250k per design - Four designs Can you please supply a pricing plan with a fast turnaround and short lead expected We will supply all artwork to your spec. Co:HLAY Ltd Add:1 Mill Road, Newmilns, Ayrshire, KA16 9BQ Tel:44-1592745489 Fax:44-1592745489 Email:sales**[ta]**y.co.uk Website:http://www.hlay.co.uk聯系人:Mr.Roddy Nicoll國家:United Kingdom sales**[ta]**y.co.uk

      糧油食品 cnc rotary index table CNC rotary tables for vertical maching centres suitable for integration to fanuc 6m control systems. If you supply these please contact me . Co:Powertran Comercials Tel:44-113-2560266 Email:mail**[ta]**ertran.co.uk聯系人:Mr.Darren Chadwick國家:United Kingdom mail**[ta]**ertran.co.uk

      糧油食品 en At present I am looking for a new supplier of Pens, branded with our logo and would appreciate it if you could please quote me on a few different type Pens with 1 Colour Word Logo Quantity Required: 1000000 I look forward to receiving your quote. Yours Faithfully Co:Britannia Hotels Ltd Tel:44-01619045366 Email:conf**[ta]**tanniahotels.com Website:http://www.britanniahotels.com/聯系人:Mr.Lara Taylor國家:United Kingdom conf**[ta]**tanniahotels.com

      糧油食品 Di-isononil-Phthalate (DINP) MANUFACTURERS are advised of Petchem interest of purchase (Offer to Buy) of Denomination of the goods: DINP (Di-isononil-Phthalate) Packaging: n drums or ISO-Tanks Quantity: 20-40 mt net/month REQUESTED DETAILS: a) TDS (Technical Data Sheet) with the guaranteed parameters of quality b) MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet) c) Descrip-tion of the packing d) Weights per Gross (kg) Net (kg) = Drum = Pallet = 20’FCL I am checking them and come back to you for the next steps. Co:PETCHEM S.A.R.L. Add:47, rue du 31-Decembre, Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 1207 Tel:41-22-840-3092 Fax:41-22-840-3173 Email:petchem**[ta]**n.ch Website:http://www.petchem.ch聯系人:Mr. PETROSANU國家:Switzerland petchem**[ta]**n.ch

      糧油食品 CAST IRON RADIATORS Dear Please advise the nipple size to connect the sections is it 1 or 1-14 We need a price for 30.000 elements ( load of approx 12 x20ft containers ) in partial shipment of 2 containers per month. give us a quote for unpainted radiators.no accessories at all. price C&amp;F Aqaba port - Jordan. mention your payment terms. delivery schedule. CONDITION THAT : 1-We wish to received them in assembled blocks of 10 elements, on pallets 2-radiators should be un-lainted, normal grey foundry color, no prime nothing, 3-The left element nr 1 and the right element nr 10 in the block, should not be threaded up and down from external but you put a plastic plug, or leave it without. 4- Descrip-tion of the products on shipping documents, invoices, etc.. should be Un-finished cast iron radiators 5- Mention on invoice the Custom tarif : 7322.192 If we succeed with your first trial order ( 1x20 ft container ), We will be able to work more business volume with you. An estimate of 24 to 30 containers during 2011. Kindly study our proposal and contact us by return Best regards Co:Mazzawi Trading Company Add:31 Otba Ben Ghazwan street, P.O.Box 9151 Amman 11191 Jordan, Khelda- Amman, Amman, Jordan 1191 Tel:962-06-5513-463 Fax:962-06-5524-127 Email:eng**[ta]**zawitrading.com Website:www.mazzawitrading.com聯系人:Mr. Adel MAZZAWI國家:Jordan eng**[ta]**zawitrading.com

      糧油食品 rice cooker Presently, we are very much interested in following product from your organisation: Electric Rice Cooker; 220V, 50Hz With &amp; Non-Stick Aluminium Inner Pot: Please rush following detail information at the earliest possible: - a) Your full range latest catalogue with all necessary specifications in English for market study and further for the custom evaluation purposes. b) Your best lowest competitive prices in US Dollar on FOB basis first for With &amp; Without Non-Stick Aluminium, Stainless Steel &amp; Crystalloid Inner Pot. c) Type of packing, country of origin, port of shipment and the earliest shipment time. d) Minimum Order Quantity for the 'First Trial Order' mixing various models of Rice Cookers to study our market choice first. e) Color/s available in each model/s. f) Brand Name you will supply. g) Outer Body Thickness &amp; Removable Inner Non- Stick Pot thickness. Awaiting your most favourable reply soon. Thanking you &amp; Best Regards Co:M/S Vijaya Enterprises Tel:977-1-4222529 Fax:977-1-4228268 Email:vijay**[ta]**ay-ent.com聯系人:Vijay Kumar國家:Nepal vijay**[ta]**ay-ent.com

      糧油食品 Synthetic Resin &amp; Its Raw Materials Dear sir I am running a manufacturing company and for my new product i need the Synthetic Resin &amp; Its Raw Materials Kindly advice me the rate of the mentioned material and if possible send me the sample of it either one kg . Regards Co:kamran &amp; co Tel:92-0300-9492290 Fax:92-0300-4978814 Email:adnantahir786**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Mr.adnan tahir國家:Pakistan adnantahir786**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 CASSIA WHOLE Dear Sir, We would like to import the following item from your esteemed company. Commodity : CASSIA WHOLE, WELL DRIED. Please let us know your best price on basis CFR Chittagong by container along with the manufacturer's details, Packing details, product specs. brand name, shipment schedule, port of loading and send a picture of bag by e-mail mkarimd12 at gmail dot com Payment : 100% Irrevocable LC. We need PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection) report. Best Regards Co:Geoline Corporation Add:D 12, Mohanagar Project, West Rampura, Dhaka, Dhaka Tel:880-2-7281649 Fax:880-2-7281649 Email:mkarim53**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:Mr. Md. Abdul Karim國家:Bangladesh mkarim53**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Frames We are interested in all Eyewear supplies i.e. Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Frames and other related items. Currently we are interested in... All brands, materials and designs are welcome Please send your quotation along with pictures of all models.Looking forward to open a new business deal with you very soon! Thank you. Co:Trade United Add:73 Mornington Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom LE5 3NG Tel:44-787-595-7488 Fax:44-116-216-7560 Email:fahadktk**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Mr. FAHAD SHAH國家:United Kingdom fahadktk**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Frames We are interested in all Eyewear supplies i.e. Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Frames and other related items. Currently we are interested in... All brands, materials and designs are welcome Please send your quotation along with pictures of all models.Looking forward to open a new business deal with you very soon! Thank you. Co:Trade United Add:73 Mornington Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom LE5 3NG Tel:44-787-595-7488 Fax:44-116-216-7560 Email:fahadktk**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Mr. FAHAD SHAH國家:United Kingdom fahadktk**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 Bread Maker India domestic market offers huge potential demand for bread makers. We are leading importers of consumer goods with an established network of 3000 dealers covering India. We would appreciate if you will send us catalogue and price list of bread maker to my mail. Co:Balaji electronics Tel:91-98422-34734 Email:nknhunter**[ta]**il.com聯系人:r.karthikeyan國家:India nknhunter**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 WATER METER I would like to ask for a more detailed specifications and prices of your water meters. Do send me an e-mail. Thank you &amp; more power to you!!! Co:Maydolng LGU Tel:63-055-5711018 Fax:63-055-5711018 Email:tour.maydolong**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Ms.Roxcy Joy Azura國家:Philippines tour.maydolong**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 FROZEN SARDINE I need to concern several FCL of Mackerel in fillets or backs in tins ro of 48 x 185 grs. net / 130 grs. drained. 1) In Brine 2) In vegetal Oil of soya 3) In sauce of tomatos. Price FOB ...........port....... Commission USD 1.00 xs box. we need this product for our Clients Colombia and Peru. They can be 10 to 15 FCL x month during 1 year or but. Co:Discom International Fax:(00562) 223 98 12 Email:discominternational**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Ricardo Martinez國家:Chile discominternational**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 YELLOW PEAS Dear Sirs, For immediate purchase, we require 500MT Whole Yellow Peas shipment bulk in 20 feet containers for the destination port Chittagong, Bangladesh. If at present, you are in position to supply, please quote your lowest CNF prices to the destination port Chittagong, Bangladesh with confirming full details of quality and delivery time. We are waiting for your reply soonest. Thanking you in advance and we remain with best regards. Sincerely Co:AL-AMIN INTERNATIONAL Add:Chittagong-4000,Bangladesh Tel:880 1829525816 Fax:880 312 854300 Email:alaminint**[ta]**oo.com Skype:nisiddiqi聯系人:Nazrul Islam Siddiqi國家:Bangladesh alaminint**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 copper tube Hello! How do you do? We need hard copper tube and we are interesting in your products. Can you produce that? Please reply us as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Co:Kolektor Group d.o.o. Add:Vojkova 105280 Idrija Slovenia Tel:(05) 3750 100 Fax:(05) 3750 150 Email:kolektor**[ta]**ektor.com Website:http://www.kolektor.com/聯系人:azrul國家:Slovenia kolektor**[ta]**ektor.com

      糧油食品 icotinamide Dear Sales Manager, Our firm is one of the most prominent entities in its area of operation. I would kindly like to request you to quote us the prices for Nicotinamide pharma grade. Thanking you Co:Bryiosis Soft Caps pvt ltd Add:Jarod - Rasulabad Road, Jarod,Dist. Vadodara, Pin : 391 510, Gujarat, India. Tel:91 2668 274400 Fax:91 2668 274300 Email:info**[ta]**yosissoftcaps.com,briyosis**[ta]**oo.com Website:http://www.briyosissoftcaps.com聯系人:ivek國家:India info**[ta]**yosissoftcaps.com

      糧油食品 Polo shirt Hello Sir Pl arrange to send your best offer CIF Dubai for the following Polo shirt with collar Polyester cotton 65/35 200 GSM Qty : 15000 Nos. POLO SHIRT SPECIFICATIONS Soft, comfortable, wrinkle and shrink resistant. Cool cotton pique' breathes for airy comfort. Better yet, it's specially finished for unbelievable softness. Rib-knit cuffs and collar keep their shape, wash after wash. clean-finished placket; three wood-tone buttons; sturdy fabric-taped neck; two-needle topstitched hem. Deep twin needle hem at bottom and on sleeve Side vents 30' long for size M; 34' long for 3X. Regards Co:Technicals Specialist Services LLC Add:POB 29762 Abu Dhabi UAE Tel:00971506710140 Fax:0097125520658 Email:tss2004**[ta]**il.com聯系人:ilip國家:UAE tss2004**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 A4 Paper Dear Sir/Madam How are you? We are interested in your (A4 Paper). We are the biggest industrial and food (Green) company in Yemen. We would like to provide us your best price C&amp;F Yemen for all your kinds of A4 paper We are waiting for your fast replay. Co:YEMEN COMPANY FOR INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT LTD Tel:(967)1 280009, 285426, 285425 Fax:(967)1 480 620 Email:showgi**[ta]**.com,fahemsana**[ta]**et.ye聯系人:Showgi Mohammed國家:Yemen showgi**[ta]**.com

      糧油食品 Flax/cotton mixed fabric Dear Sirs, We are interested in Flax/cotton mixed fabric in various weavings plain or satin or twill or crepe, but also in new fashionable items and new developments as well. Our clients are buying biggest quantity in finished (dyed) and some small quantity in PFD in order to dye some colours which are new and fashionable in Greece. We would like to check with you possibilities of cooperation. We would like to send us samples of your items and inform us price range. Our clients are paying by L/C 90 days. We need prices CIF Piraeus (Greek port) included 5% commission. Thanks in advance for your quick reply. Best Regards Co:VIGATEX Add:16,Agiou Markou Street 10560 Athens - Greece Tel:30-2103225306 ext.30 Fax:30-2103230535 Email:stsourapi**[ta]**atex.gr聯系人:Sassie Tsourapi國家:Greece stsourapi**[ta]**atex.gr

      糧油食品 Aluminum Alloy Rod from china We would like to purchase the following products of Chinese origin. Please send us your price CFR Karachi, Pakistan Product : Aluminum Alloy Rod BS-1474 2. Material Spec : Material 2014A, Condition T6, Cold Drawn and Heat Treated, Tolerance : +0mm/-0.1mm 3. Size/Quantity 23 mm... 17 Ton 29 mm... 11 Ton 32 mm... 61 Ton 50 mm... 44 Ton Total quantity 133 Tons +,- 5% = 140 Tons 4. Temper UTS = 480 N/MM2 MIN PROOF STRESS = 435 N/MM2 MIN ELONGATION = 7% 5. Shipment : In 30days after getting L/C from us. Best regard Co:CT Chemical Co., Ltd Add:828-5, Cheongwon Bldg., Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel:82-2-569-7040, 569-7087 Fax:82-2-569-7086, 556-0788 Email:kite**[ta]**ckorea.co.kr聯系人:.C.Yeon國家:Korea kite**[ta]**ckorea.co.kr

      糧油食品 PVC shutters Hello, We are located in Abu dhabi uae, mainly we are using pvc foil membrane press PVC shutters for kitchens &amp; wardrobes. So kindly provide us your samples &amp; quotations, delivery time for the PVC Foils Thanks &amp; Regards Co:Sujith V Surendran Add:P.O. Box 38358 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Tel:9712- 5514999 Fax:9712 5514410 Email:sujith**[ta]**alric.ae Moblie:971 55 2511753聯系人:ROYAL JOINERY國家:United Arab Emirates sujith**[ta]**alric.ae

      糧油食品 SSP Fertilizer making machine Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking Plant &amp; Machineries for SSP Fertilizer making. Kindly send us full specification of Plant &amp; List of Machines with prices which are use in SSP Fertilizer making. SSP fertlizer project on turn key basis. Raw Material : Rock Phosphate and 98% concentrated Sulphuric Acid Capacity : 100 MT/day We appreciate your deep concern and hope a properous business relation in future. We are looking forward to hear from you soonest. Best Regards Co:Agha Traders Tel:0092-300-4576218 Email:shabahatali**[ta]**oo.com,agha26866**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:habahat國家:Pakistan shabahatali**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 swing gate motors &amp; sliding gate motors We are a automation manufacturing company based in india. We are interested in swing gate motors &amp; sliding gate motors. We will have our own controllers so we need only the motors. Can you supply us the same, how is your pricing, we will want samples, we will pay for them by wire transfer. Co:I.F.M Consultants Pvt. Ltd Add:B-23 Huda Complex Saroornagar Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India 500035 Email:Madhav.t**[ta]**ctrochemindia.com聯系人:adhav國家:India Madhav.t**[ta]**ctrochemindia.com

      糧油食品 Hospital Bed Headboard Please send me FOB price on Hospital Bed Headboard Please advise lead time and colour options? Many thanks Co:Pavillion Medical Tel:44 (0) 1282 419700 Fax:44 (0) 1282 419749 Email:gmcmahon**[ta]**illionmedical.com Website:www.pavillionmedical.com聯系人:ary國家:United Kingdom gmcmahon**[ta]**illionmedical.com

      糧油食品 Aluminium Finish Mirror Glass Sheet Please note that we are interested in importing 1 x 20' container of Clear Aluminium Finish Mirror Glass Sheet, so we will be kind if you will quote us your best and lowest CIF Kuwait price for the following: Commodity: Clear Aluminium Finish Mirror Size: 244 x 183 cm Thickness: 2.7mm &amp; 3mm Quantity: 1 x 20' container Payment: 25% in advance &amp; balance after receipt of Invoice &amp; Bill of Lading copy. We will be highly obliged if you will quote us your best and lowest C&amp;F Net Kuwait price immediately so that we can confirm the order. Looking forward for your immediate reply, Thanks &amp; Best Regards Co:Baht Co Add:P. O. Box 327, 13004 Safat, Kuwait Tel:00965-24813055 Fax:00965-24813860 Email:moneshm**[ta]**man.com.kw,bahtco3**[ta]**oo.com,bahtco3**[ta]**mail.com聯系人:Monesh M. Mirchandani國家:Kuwait moneshm**[ta]**man.com.kw

      糧油食品 Pine finger joint laminated board / Blockboard We are interested in your products and we would like the quotation of Pine finger joint laminated board / Blockboard used for door core for the following size. 28.5 x 710 x 2110mm 28.5 x 810 x 2110mm 28.5 x 910 x 2110mm Pine finger joint 28.5 x 32 x 2050mm 28.5 x 36 x 2110mm Pls quote us the best price in CNF Bangkok (Place of delivery lat Krabang) whether quote in FOB+ freight charge and also advise How many CBM/ pieces can be contained in 1x20'ft/ 40HQ? Details of technical characteristic. Pls send us some photo. Delivery lead time? Payment term? HS code Best regards Co:Nithipon Trading Co., Ltd Add:89/17 13th Flr., Amornpan 205 Tower 1, Soi Nathong, Ratchadapisek Rd., Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400 Thailand. Tel:662-248-7293 Fax:662-692-1137 Email:kanhatai**[ta]**hipon.co.th聯系人:ate國家:Thailand kanhatai**[ta]**hipon.co.th

      糧油食品 Teeth Whitening Device How much for your Teeth Whitening Device I would like to get some information about this product or other ones along this line: Cost? What is the minimum number for order? Shipping Time? Shipping Price to Southern California? Do you private label – we are a dental group and would like to give this to patients? Size? Percent? I look forward to hearing from you. Super Thanks! Co:Right Dental Group Add:17551 Gillette Avenue Irvine CA 92614 Email:service**[ta]**htdentalgroup.com Website:http://rightdentalgroup.com聯系人:asha國家:USA service**[ta]**htdentalgroup.com

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